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Bond Selection

For clients with fixed income needs, we select individual bonds to create customized portfolios. Our clients have access to extensive inventories of investment-grade investments, including corporate, municipal, and government bonds, as well as FDIC-insured CDs.

Minimizing Risk

Through the selection of individual bonds with staggered maturities, we’re able to lessen interest rate risk through diversification, while providing more reliable, customized cash flows.

Equity Strategy

Our Equity Strategy invests primarily in large, well-established domestic companies. We search for favorable investment opportunities in companies with strong balance sheets and growing revenues. Our in-house analyst filters potential companies, presenting only those that meet our due diligence criteria to our Investment Policy Committee for final approval.

investment-management-team-eastover-capital-charlotte-nc Step 1 – Review global economic data

investment-management-team-eastover-capital-charlotte-nc Step 2 – Overweight / underweight sectors based on economic outlook

investment-management-team-eastover-capital-charlotte-nc Step 3 – After analyzing sectors, individual stocks are selected following extensive research

We Want to
Build a Future With You

At Eastover Capital, our investment management strategies are designed to target individual needs based on financial goals. Each one is designed to help you make the most of your investments.


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